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Investigation into Ellington home invasion continues

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The investigation into the death of a mother of two continues in Ellington. (WFSB file) The investigation into the death of a mother of two continues in Ellington. (WFSB file)

It has been a frustrating two weeks for people who live in Ellington. The question no one has answered who would kill a young mother in her own home two days before Christmas.

Eyewitness News has fielded countless concerned calls and emails about Connie Dabate's death. The station has spent hours trying to get answers and information about a possible arrest.

Eyewitness News reached out to investigators about Dabate's death, but they remain tight-lipped on potential leads in this case.

Eyewitness News has emailed state police multiple times each week, each time. The station was told there are "no new updates" in the investigation.

People in town were initially told Dabate's death is an "isolated" incident, but with no arrests. Several Ellington residents told Eyewitness News they're on edge.

Eyewitness News sat down with the Ellington First Selectman Lori Spielman who shed some light on this case that has puzzled a small town.

Spielman said she has taken calls every day from people in town wondering what happened inside the Ellington home. 

“Basically they're calling for an update on what's going on and um, I've been in touch with the Lt.,” Spielman said.

Dabate, who was a mother of two young boys, was murdered in her home on Birch View Drive on Dec. 23, 2015. The 39-year-old Dabate died of gunshot wounds to the head and stomach

Her husband Richard Dabate was hurt, but was released from the hospital. Eyewitness News still doesn't know how he was hurt.

The children weren't home at the time.

State police were called to the home after a burglar alarm went off in the house around 10:15 a.m. Then a 911 call came in. There was also smoke coming from one part of the house.

“They are waiting for more evidence to come back in from the lab,” Spielman said. “They got some back I presume but they are waiting for more.”

Eyewitness News asked Spielman what kind of evidence was found in the home.

“They're not saying. They're keeping everything pretty quiet,” Spielman said. “They don't want to jeopardize anything on this case.”

The Dabate's two young boys have returned to their elementary school and this week parents told Eyewitness News they’ve seen troopers at the school during pick up and drop off times, which is something they hadn’t seen before the holidays.  

When pressed about “why” police have been at the school, state police said it was requested by the school.

Many people are concerned about their safety, even though police said there's nothing to worry about.

“It's a little frustrating, but I understand 100% that everything takes time and the lab is not next door like you see on CSI,” Spielman said. “Everything has be sent out and sent back and don't forget we just went through the holidays, so that's extra time lost.”

Eyewitness News called the school to ask about the troopers. Eyewitness News was told the superintendent and his secretary were both unavailable.

Eyewitness News left phone messages and calls and no response back on Friday.  

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