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CT doctor pushes for smart gun technology

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CT doctor pushes for smart gun technology (WFSB) CT doctor pushes for smart gun technology (WFSB)

A Connecticut doctor is calling on gun manufacturers to use smart gun technology.

Similar to a cell phone, guns with this technology could only be fired with a certain fingerprint.

This technology is something the president and Connecticut’s governor support, but gun groups have been opposed to.

This technology is still in its infancy, but some said they feel it could save lives. It could also make guns more expensive, but that's not the only reason it’s being opposed.

We already use passwords and touch screens to secure our computers and smart phones. Now, some manufacturers are working to apply that same technology to safe guns safer.

Dr. Garry Lapidus from Connecticut Children's Medical Center said car companies made many safety improvements and we should do the same with guns.

"What we've learned from our experience with motor vehicles, we have seen a remarkable reduction in motor vehicles crashes,” Lapidus said.

Lapidus, who is the director of injury prevention at CCMC, said seat belts and air bags have made cars much safer. But gun groups have not embraced this technology.

"The NRA and its allies have picketed stores and have caused stores to go out of business when they have begun selling that smart technology,” Gov. Dannel Malloy said.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League said moving parts could cause a gun to fail and would make guns more expensive. They said they feel that "if an individual wants to own that type of firearm it should be their choice not a government mandate.”

"Many people are calling on the NRA to look at this technology because it can save lives,” Lapidus said.

The president mentioned smart gun technology in his speech last week on gun violence. Some are expecting him to mention it again on Tuesday night when he makes his final State of the Union Address.

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