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National Federation of Independent Business releases statement on GE move

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Just one day after being seated prominently next to the First Lady at the State of the Union, Governor Malloy took to the podium to make a statement regarding the news that General Electric was relocating to a state with a business climate more conducive to success. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) listened closely as he expressed his disappointment and nibbled around the edges of proposing genuine reform to improve the state’s economic situation.

“In recent years and beyond, despite warnings from the business community, Connecticut has unfortunately continued down a path of unrealistic, unsustaintable budgeting practices, coupled with progressive, business killing policies and the results have been a complete disaster not only for the small business community, but for those in corporations as well,” according to NFIB Connecticut state director, Andrew Markowski. “General Electric is leaving because it is more economically feasible for them to relocate hundreds of employees to Massachusetts than remain located here with the fiscal instability and uncertainty that the state of Connecticut offers. Unfortunately most small businesses in our state do not have the resources that General Electric does and their only alternative is to close up their shops permanently.”

The story that General Electric is announcing their departure from Connecticut began circulating this morning, mere hours after Governor Malloy was held up to the nation as an example of what policy makers should be striving to achieve. Today, when faced with the reality of what those progressive policies actually accomplish, he expressed his disappointment.

“Undermining the economic confidence that businesses of any size have in this state is the surest way to stifle job growth and send the economy into a tail spin. As I hear from more and more of our members that the cost to stay in business has become too exorbitant, I fear that the exodus of businesses and the loss of jobs in Connecticut has only just begun,” continued Markowski. “Governor Malloy touched on things like pension reform and a transportation lockbox and both would be great steps in beginning to right the ship. Hopefully state lawmakers were listening and will be able to present him with legislation this year that will allow small businesses to not just stabilize, but prosper, in an environment that is no longer hostile.”