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DMV issues impacting tax bills

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DMV issues impacting tax bills (WFSB) DMV issues impacting tax bills (WFSB)

While there are three million registered vehicles in Connecticut, Manchester Assessor John Rainaldi said 100,000 people may get a car tax bill that is wrong.

“We don't want to see people getting tax bills from the wrong town, and based on the data we have now, we might be able to fix most but not all of those,” Rainaldi said.

Every year in December, assessors get a Grand List, also known as a tax list, for real estate, personal property and motor vehicles.

Assessors have noticed wrong tax codes, zip codes, and even incorrect towns for cars and trucks.

“This problem is statewide, there's probably not a single town that hasn't been affected...that's definitely the case,” Rainaldi said.

In Manchester, the mistake was noticed right away with the fleet of school buses.

“We should have about 60 of them. We had only four of them so we knew there were a bunch missing,” Rainaldi said.

Since the Department of Motor Vehicles updated its computer system last summer, there have been multiple problems.

Most recently, 30,000 car owners were sent letters stating they didn’t have car insurance.

Many people were pulled over by police, their cars were ticketed and some were towed.

In most of the cases, the driver had valid insurance.

The DMV is still fixing that problem, with 600 cases left.

The tax problem has assessors under pressure because they have to get the lists approved by the end of this month, per a state statute.

In a statement, the DMV said “We are working with the assessors now to resolve the situation. It will not hold up the January 31 deadline they face for certifying their lists."

“We have to fix the problem, we need to move forward, we need their help to do it. They've been really responsive,” Rainaldi said.

If assessors can’t meet that deadline, they can apply for extensions which will give them another month.

Rainaldi said he is meeting with the DMV commissioner next week.

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