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Police investigating tire thefts in Waterbury

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Tires stolen off Charles Kirshner's car Tires stolen off Charles Kirshner's car

Waterbury police are investigating a number of tire thefts happening since the beginning of December. 

About 21 thefts have occurred citywide, but many of them being reported in the Overlook Drive area. 

Victims told Eyewitness News that they found their cars propped up on milk crates without its tires. 

"This is getting out of control, this is a new low," said Charles Kirshner, a victim. 

Kirshner walked outside Friday morning to head to work. His wife and him were ready to carpool, but that's when they saw their Honda Odyssey without tires. 

"I see that two of the tires were taken off completely and gone, car was sitting on a milk crate," Kirshner said. 

Kirshner took pictures of the car just minutes after the discovery. The bolts from the tires were left scattered across the ground. 

"It's ridiculous that I can't leave my car in front of my house in a nice neighborhood and have to worry that I'm not going to have wheels in the morning," Kirshner said. 

Kirshner told Eyewitness News that when the van was dropped on the crate, the body of the vehicle sustained damage. He is looking at about $1,500 per tire, plus the cost to fix the undercarriage of the car. 

He isn't the only victim, police are looking into 21 other complaints of tires being stolen. They are happening to mostly Honda's because their manufacturers don't install bolt locks.

"It's awful. Image that; hop in the car, hit the gas, you're up on blocks," said Andre Michaud, a neighbor. 

Neighbors said the thefts happen even when cars are safely parked in their driveways. 

As for Kirshner, he does have a security camera on his property and he plans on reviewing it this week to hopefully find answers. 

"We should have footage while it was happening and we will forward that to police," Kirshner said. 

The Overlook neighborhood residents are meeting to discuss community watch. Kirshner is pushing for more lighting on the streets. 

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