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CT ranked as one of top 10 states where people are living paycheck-to-paycheck

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A new study shows Connecticut is in the top ten for paycheck-to-paycheck living. 

People everywhere have to pay rents or mortgages, groceries and utilities. But those bills vary from state to state. When everything's paid, a study by the website  GoBankingRate shows, not a lot is left in Connecticut.

Moving from Maine, Sandra Champlin said she learned quickly that her money doesn't get her as far in Connecticut as it did there.

“Rent is higher in Connecticut,” said Champlin, who now lives in Rockville. She added that rent a few hundred more in Connecticut than Maine. 

Champlin said she wasn't surprised to learn that Connecticut is ranked 10th for residents living paycheck-to-paycheck.

The study takes the median income which in Connecticut is just more than $70,000 and then subtracts the housing costs, grocery bills, transportation costs, utility bills and healthcare.

Then, the study balances out to roughly $663 that's left over or a quarter of the average paycheck to spend on anything else.

“It's not easy if you don't have the customers,” Vennecia Getutua, of Rockville, said. “I love to do the work, but there's no customers.”  

Small business owners told Eyewitness News they are also struggling. Since she was 16 years old, Getutua said she has dedicated her life to sewing, making alterations, tailoring clothes, even creating dog coats.

Getutua said she worked at Walmart and Swiss Cleaners, but decided to branch out on her own two years ago and opened up Magnolias in Rockville.  Getutua said she's now struggling to get by.

“It's very expensive here in Connecticut,” said Getutua and added that costs for food and medical are high.

Even at 66 years old, Getutua said retirement is not an option and when that day comes, she won't be staying in Connecticut.

“Here, you struggle,” Getuta said.

New England didn't fare well in this study. We're 10th. Rhode Island and Massachusetts were eighth and ninth. The number one ranked state for living paycheck-to-paycheck was Hawaii.

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