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Protect yourself from contractor scams this winter

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With the potential for the state's first major snowfall of the season, the Department of Consumer Protection offered these tips for homeowners looking for a contractor to help with snow removal. 

Crews are expected to be busy this weekend.

"We're making sure all of the equipment is running. We check our trucks, make sure they're all fueled," said contractor Tom Iacobucci.

Michelle Seagull, the Deputy Commission for the Department of Consumer Protection, said contractors should be insured.

"If they do damage to your driveway or they knock something over with their plow you're going to want to make sure they're covered," Seagull said.

Another piece of advice Seagull gave is for homeowners to read their contract and to not be afraid to ask for a refund. Some contractors issue them for an unused balance.

Lastly, there's no specific rate for contractors to clear a driveway, for instance.

"A lot is going to depend on where you live, how long your driveway is, how difficult it is to get there," said Seagull.

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