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State police continue to warn of 'ice missile' consequences

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(State police Twitter photo) (State police Twitter photo)

As people return to work across the state, state police continue to warn drivers to make sure their vehicles are clear of snow.

Otherwise, they'll face some steep fines.

"It's very important you clean off your car," said Trooper Kelly Grant, state police. "That flying ice, that flying snow can distract someone. It can crack windshields. The snow obstruct your view onto someone else's car."

Drivers reported that the roads in northern Connecticut were not in good shape on Monday morning.

"It was pretty brutal," Puja Aror, of West Hartford, said. "At one point, I went outside for a second, it was pretty bad." 

On Interstate 84 in Hartford, snow can only be seen on the sides.However, state police said not everyone has cleared off the roofs of their cars.

"It's $120 for not cleaning snow and ice off of your vehicle and it's $92 for an obstructed windshield," Grant said. "So let's say you have a lot of snow and ice on your windshield and you clear off a little space to see out of, that could be a $92 fine."

State police said Saturday was a busy day for them. They responded to more than 162 crashes.

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