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Confetti Restaurant's Frutti di Mare

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Peter Lemnotis is the owner of Confetti Restaurant, and they are  located at 393 Farmington Avenue in Plainville. Check them out for delicious food and this recipe. 

Frutti di Mare:

Seafood Medley Red over Linguini for Two

4 Large Dry (untreated) Sea Scallops

8 Large Shrimp Peeled and Deveined

4 oz. Domestic Squid

4 oz, Fresh Filet of Fish (your favorite or what looks the best at market)

6 to 8 Hard Clams (little necks or top necks)

12 Mussels  (de beard)

2 Lobster Tails, Split

(You can omit or add at your pleasure, it will not effect the outcome of the dish, add more scallops, omit the mussels.)

3 oz. olive oil

1 tbs chopped fresh garlic  (more or less to your taste, don’t like garlic, try shallots)

½ cup dry white wine (something drinkable)

½ cup clam juice or fish fumet

2 cups marinara sauce or lightly cooked tomato sauce

2 tbs fresh chopped parsley

2 tbs Basil Chiffonade

salt and pepper to taste

red pepper to taste

heat pan, add oil

add garlic, cook until light & golden

add seafood and 1/3 herbs, some salt and pepper, cook about half way

add white wine, cook about one minute

add clam juice and tomato sauce, bring to simmer

at this point you can finish or take off fire and proceed later

to finish, bring back to slight boil, add pasta and remainder herbs, toss adjust salt and pepper, bring to plate