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Bathroom issues bar men from Southington gym

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Sign at Cardio Express in Southington stated men were not allowed inside the building. (WFSB) Sign at Cardio Express in Southington stated men were not allowed inside the building. (WFSB)

A sign at Cardio Express in Southington basically stated that no men were allowed in the facility until Sunday night.

The gym's owner Peter Rusconi said he had to temporarily ban male clients to complete locker room renovations.  Rusconi said he posted a note at the gym and on Cardio Express's Facebook page.

“I just came in like a regular day and they had a sign on the locker room saying no guys are allowed for a few days,” gym member Jonathan Estevez said. “And then it extended for a few more days so my feelings were pretty hurt." 

Some men told Eyewitness News they were caught off guard.  

"I was actually on my way to the gym and my friend Jon texted me,"  Carmine Mennone said. "He basically told me that. We're not allowed in the gym anymore."  

Buddies Mennone and Estevez said the most annoying thing was they weren't given refunds even after the gym announced the project would last ten days, instead of the originally estimated two.

"We've had a special relationship," Estevez said. "I've been coming here for 5 years and for them to dump me like that it hurt a little bit."

Rusconi told Eyewitness News the gym didn't offer customers reimbursement right away because the project was only supposed to take two days.

However, because of the construction delays, Rusconi said he'll now offer customers affected a free month at the gym although not a refund for missed time. 

“It definitely was frustrating especially cause they didn't really say anything,” Mennone said.

Less than an hour after Eyewitness News spoke with Rusconi Cardio Express allowed men inside again, which was two days ahead of schedule.

Mennone and Estevez said despite everything they'll remain members here because it’s a good gym. However, they feel the miscommunication will be costly.

“I actually know a lot of people they left this gym and they're not coming back because of that,” Mennone said. “So they're losing business too on their part.” 

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