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New Haven food truck fee could increase

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New Haven food truck fee could increase (WFSB) New Haven food truck fee could increase (WFSB)

The popular food trucks have quite a following in New Haven, but a proposal could have the Elm City raising its current fees.

Along Long Wharf in New Haven is a popular spot for food trucks.

Right now, vendors pay a yearly license of $200, but the city is considering setting up special vending zones.

If that is the case, for some it could be thousands of dollars.

“It’s not fair. They limit our parking, now they want to charge us more. It’s one thing after another, a big snowball effect,” said Adam Major, of the Caseus Cheese Truck.

New Haven is considering setting up a special vending district, where trucks would get the same spot for the full year, at a cost of $5,100.

The city said that is essentially what it would cost for a food truck to feed the meter for one full year.

"When you have this huge demand, people fighting for spots, trying to make a living, what we said was we can find spots that aren't near brick and mortar, that are chock full of pedestrians, Yale students, employees, and drive you lot of business,” said Stephen Fontana, deputy economic director.

For the carts by the hospital on Cedar Street, and at Ingalls Rink, the plan would be to up their sidewalk fee to $1,000.

"I have no problem with them going up on the fees, I think they should. There are probably too many vendors. That way you get the vendors that are serious,” said John Roy, of John’s Lunch Cart.

A public information hearing will be held on Feb. 8 at 3 p.m. at City Hall, and officials specially want to hear from the food truck vendors.

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