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Parents concerned about survey asking middle schoolers on sex, drug life

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Southington High School (WFSB) Southington High School (WFSB)

A personal survey given to Southington 7th graders is not sitting well with parents who claimed the questions asked were inappropriate for their age.

Southington parent Ryan Zabel learned about the survey when his daughter, a 7th grader, talked to him about the questions.

They ranged in topics about one's sexuality, drug use, and sexual intercourse.

Zabel was not able to get a copy of the survey due to copyright infringement issues, which made him question it further.

He wrote down one of the questions, "Have you ever had sexual intercourse?" If the student answered "Yes," the following question was, "When you had sex, how often do you and/or your partner use a birth control method?"

"I read the survey and almost all the questions on the survey to say the least are mildly inappropriate," said Zabel.

According to him, there were 150 questions on that survey. 

"I'm sure the parents aren't aware of the questions. I'm sure they are not. If there were I'm sure it wouldn't be all parents saying I had no idea asking these questions," he said. 

The survey is from the "Search Institute" out of Minneapolis and was administered to 7th, 9th and 11th graders at the school. It is federally funded and collecting data is a requirement every two years.

The Superintendent sent out a letter to parents in early January, but some parents said they did not receive it. 

The goal of the survey is to help students cut down on risky behavior. Southington had five suicides in the past four years so as a matter of prevention they're trying to understand kid so they can lead productive lives. 

The data will not be available for a few weeks. School officials hope they can put together strategies and intervention programs to lead kids on the right path. 

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