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Documents reveal new information regarding day care mice infestation

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Enfield day care was under fire in December after mice infestation (WFSB) Enfield day care was under fire in December after mice infestation (WFSB)

A family pulled their son out from an Enfield day care after complaints about mice, but now state health officials found even more issues.

Eyewitness News reported on this story in December, regarding a mice infestation at the New England Preschool Academy.

Jason Pantoja pulled his son out of the day care after learning about the infestation.

“These are small innocent children and they're trusting us grown-ups to take care of them and I'm even more content of the choice we made to pull him out," Pantoja said.

On Monday, Eyewitness News obtained a 27-page report from the state’s health department.

When health inspectors went to look at the building they found mice droppings and noticed a “stronger smell of a dead animal in the basement.”

They said nothing else was found.

However, according to documents, mice droppings were found on the toddler bathroom counter, on the window sill in the toddler room, on the basement floor, in the air conditioning, the fuse box, and near the oil tank.

They also found a hot water or steam pipe that was accessible to children.

An exterminator has been treating the mice problem since mid-November. Parents weren’t told about the infestation until early December.

However, Eyewitness News also learned that the parents didn’t have to be notified.

Even though the mice are being treated with a rodenticide bait, which is a poison, parent notification isn’t required by law.

However, parents said they feel it should have been communicated.

“It will make me way more diligent that I ever put anyone in any child care environment. This has definitely been scary and an eye opener,” Pantoja said.

The day care owner said the basement has been sealed so mice can’t get inside, and the exterminator is coming again this weekend.

She also said they’ve never had a problem like this before.

The day care was never shut down or fined, and showed the state how it is fixing the problem. The case has now been closed.

The documents contain a copy of the rat poison being used, which clearly states “keep out of reach of children.”

The first line says “hazard to humans and domestic animals,” and then goes on to say it is “harmful if swallowed or absorbed through the skin…keep away from children, domestic animals and pets.”

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