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CT doctor explains precautions people should take to avoid Zika virus

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With more than 30 confirmed cases of the zika virus in the country, health officials are urging people to use sexual protection as well as mosquito repellent.

Eyewitness News looked into how local doctors are responding to the growing concerns.  

“The virus has been around since 1947. It actually originated in Africa,” Dr. Ulysses Wu, who works at St. Francis Hospital, said. “There was an outbreak in Southeast Asia in 2007.”

The Zika virus is nothing new for doctors. But is what concerning for them is how it’s being transmitted.

“I think the concern is there because if indeed the Zika virus has established a new reservoir, then there are certainly likely to be more cases,” Wu said.

On Tuesday, doctors learned that a person in the Dallas area contracted the Zika virus by having sex with an infected person.

“Human-to-human transmission is fairly rare at this moment,” Wu said.

Wu advised people how to protect themselves.

“Abstinence or condom contraceptives would be the best way to prevent this,” Wu said.

As a precaution, the centers for disease control has advised pregnant women to avoid 14 countries in South America and the Caribbean. If you’re planning on traveling to warmer climates, the doctor has this advice.

“You want to wear light color clothing,” Wu said. “You want to wear long sleeves. You want to wear long pants.”

As of Tuesday night, there have been no cases of Zika virus in Connecticut.   

While 80 percent of patients won’t have symptoms, the other 20 percent will have a fever, bumpy rash, arthistis or eye infection.

If you don’t feel well, Wu said you should go see a doctor. 

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