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New consumer report looks at value, lifespan of tires

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A new consumer report takes a look at the value and lifespan of tires (WFSB) A new consumer report takes a look at the value and lifespan of tires (WFSB)

Every vehicle needs them in order to drive, but how do drivers know they’re getting what they paid for when it comes to tires.

A new report said in some cases, drivers may be getting a lot less than they think.

Rob Anderson, general manager of Silas Deane Auto, said drivers should be wary of what the warrant says about how long new tires will last.

“The warranty isn’t a guarantee,” Anderson said. “The manufacturer suggests a mileage rating based on what the vehicle should get, if it’s the optimum vehicle with the optimum driver under the optimum conditions.”

How long tires last depends on a few things, like how fast you take off, how hard you stop, and the tire’s manufacturer.

“The alignment places into that a ton,” Anderson said.

Consumer Reports tested the tread life of 47 tires and found some weren’t living up to their claims.

The continental brand advertises it’s good for 90,000 miles, but Consumer Reports projected it was only good for 60,000 miles.

One of their worst findings was for Nokain. The company claims their tires are good for 80,000 miles but Consumer Reports project those drivers need new tires after 35,000 miles.

“Tires that are more inexpensive than you think, they should be are tires you might want to stay away from,” Anderson said. “It’s kind of hard to track when the tires are put on. The only way is the mileage of the car but if someone switched the tires, how can you really tell.”

Anderson said he has found that the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus provide a very good value. Consumer Reports found the same.

Anderson said if you want the best bang for your buck, slow down.

Other drivers have their own advice.

“I check the tire pressure all the time - make sure they're right and then I rotate the tires,” said Ed Daly.

If you do, and your tires don’t last as long as they should, you may be eligible for a discount on new tires.

“If the tires have been rotated regularly, if the alignment has been taken care of regularly, there's things that can be done as far as proration,” Anderson said.

But some drivers said even with this new information, they’ll still put the pedal to the medal.

“It wouldn't change my driving habits,” said Jack Klucznik of Wethersfield, who added that he asks about the lifespan of the tires when making his purchase.

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