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Shoreline towns prepare for snow showers

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Waterford's new season-changing machine. (WFSB photo) Waterford's new season-changing machine. (WFSB photo)

Now that communities along the shoreline have cleaned up from Winter Storm Barbara on Friday and Monday's winter storm, they're making room for another couple of potential inches of snow Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Officials in Waterford said they've cleared 60 miles of sidewalks.

That's why they said they bought a new machine that can actually be used for all four seasons, not just winter.

Tuesday, they replenished their salt and sand supply with 200 more tons.

While public works director Kristin Zawacki said it's been an easy winter so far, their equipment has to be readied for the next storm.

"[We] make sure all the trucks are still up and running [and replace] the blades as necessary on the plows," she said.

Waterford purchased an articulated machine that comes with season attachments. This season, a hydraulic plow is attached to clear the sidewalks at 3 mph.

It was finishing the job on Tuesday morning to make room for more snow the following morning.

"We'll have to see what happens in February and March," Zawacki said. "The month of March could be a bear."

A surprise snowfall in April has also happened before in Connecticut.

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