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Expert offers tips for dating in CT, where single women outnumber men

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Dating may not be the easiest thing in a state where single women outnumber single men.

Using U.S. Census data, recently mapped out the ratio of single women to single men in Connecticut and compared them to those who have a college degree and those who do not.

“The non-college educated women, what we know from the data is that there is a bigger pool of non-educated men for those women to pick from,” said Dr. Patty Ann, a relationship and communication expert.

In other words, the numbers may be in their favor when it comes to finding a life partner.

“In the past, in general both men and women would only date usually their same educated level,” Ann said.

However, she cautioned that women need to be more open if they want to find love.

“Just because somebody's college-educated doesn't mean they're so smart,” Ann said. “What about their character, what about the person, who are they, will they support us throughout the highs and lows of life? Which when you're dating, believe me, you cannot even begin to predict what lies ahead.”

What some women may not realize is that they may not only be closing themselves off to some potentially great opportunities, but they may also be setting themselves up for failure by the way they act.

“Still be authentic and be true to yourself,” Ann suggested. “But just be aware that maybe there's something I'm doing that's turning somebody off.”

Ann cautioned that if someone is out on their first few dates, they should avoid bringing up an ex and remember to be polite.

“Ask them how they’re doing,” she said. “Don't spend the whole date talking about yourself.”

She also recommended steering clear of marriage talk on the first date.

“Maybe readjust your priorities for what's important to you so that you can develop a healthy emotional connection with somebody,” Ann said. “Not a cling-on connection, you know what I mean by that!”

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