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'Harshest weather' of winter season to bring dangerous cold to state

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The wind chills on Saturday and Sunday will bring temperatures so low that it will only take minutes to develop frost bite.

The harshest weather of this winter season will be upon us later today, tonight and tomorrow,” WFSB Meteorologist Mike Cameron said. Brutally cold wind chills will be so cold that some are characterizing this arctic outbreak as ‘life threatening’ to us." 

On Saturday morning, Connecticut residents woke to temperatures in the teens, however those numbers were expected to drop.  Cameron said after an Arctic front passes over, temperatures will drop during the afternoon hours.

"We will likely have wind chills 0 to -15 this afternoon and see the real deep cold tonight, with wind chills -15 to -30 then,” Cameron said.

Wind gusts could get as high as 40 mph. Those winds could cause the wind chill to drop to -15 or -20 on Saturday night.

“Ambient air temperatures will go to zero or below by midnight and range between -5 and -15 in most areas by dawn tomorrow ,” Cameron said.

However, Connecticut residents will wake up to even more brutal cold on Sunday morning.

By Sunday morning, the temperature will plunge to -5 to -20 while wind chill readings will plummet to -15 to -30!  Despite plenty of bright sunshine on Sunday, temperatures will rise no higher than the upper single digits to low and middle teens,” Cameron said.

Cameron said the strong winds will keep wind chills well below zero until later on Sunday.

A wind chill warning was issued for all of Connecticut except for southern portions of Fairfield, New Haven, and Middlesex Counties where a wind chill advisory has been issued. These alerts go into effect Saturday afternoon and they won’t expire until noon Sunday.

To protect residents from the brutal cold, several cities and towns opened warming centers. To get to a full list, click here

The weather is so severe that it could be life-threatening for any animals outside in these conditions.  Cameron advised taking proper "common sense" precautions for your pets.

The bitter cold caused Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to activate the severe cold weather protocol on Thursday afternoon and it will remain in effect until Monday morning.   By using the protocol, several state departments will work together with 211 to make sure the residents who need to get out of the cold are ensured shelter this weekend. 

Cameron said with these extreme temperatures Connecticut residents should use common sense.  He had these following helpful tips for dealing with this wicked weather: 

  • Dressing in layers in a way you will stay dry
  • Covering every single square inch of skin if you plan on being outside for more than a minute
  • Limiting "outside time" for pets to just essential "pet functions,"
  • Mandating kids play inside
  • Making sure your carbon monoxide detector is working; with the house closed up tight and with heating at a maximum, there could be a danger of CO build-up.  

Cameron said to ensuring pipes don't freeze, he said residents should make sure the basement is warm. 

"Open bathroom vanity and kitchen sink cabinet doors so that the plumbing gets more exposure to warm air.  If you have a lot of plumbing in exterior walls, you may want to let your taps trickle moderately warm water," Cameron said.

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