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New treatment helps to remove cellulite

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A treatment recently approved by the FDA helps permanently get rid of cellulite (WFSB) A treatment recently approved by the FDA helps permanently get rid of cellulite (WFSB)

No matter how hard women try, many just can’t seem to get rid of cellulite.

“About 85 percent of women are bothered by cellulite,” said Dr. Omar Ibrahimi, of the Connecticut Skin Institute.

It’s that pesky dimpling of the skin, and while it is associated with overweight individuals, it actually affects people who are healthy as well.

“There are people that are in fantastic shape that are dieting and exercising, that are very bothered by cellulite,” Ibrahimi said.

Cellulite, according to Ibrahimi, is a biological, structural issue that could be linked to puberty.

“It might be the estrogen, that just causes these fibrous septae to be more bound down in women,” he said.

The root cause of cellulite are the fibrous septae, which are basically like rubber bands that run from the deep part of the skin, to the surface.

“What happens in women who get cellulite is, these bands kind of lose their elasticity and they start pulling down and creating these dimples,” Ibrahimi said.

The unwanted dimples tend to form on the bottom and back of the thighs, and are extremely difficult to treat.

“Creams, diets, supplements--all those things--they haven't really been proven to have a lasting effect,” Ibrahimi said.

Some have even turned to liposuction, but Ibrahimi says it isn’t as precise as “Cellfina,” which is a brand new, one-time minimally invasive treatment the FDA just approved in December.

“What Cellfina actually does is, it uses a needle-size blade and we can go in, under the skin in a very precise fashion and basically, surgically nick that band,” Ibrahimi said. “Once you nick that band, it releases and comes back up and the surface of the skin becomes smooth.”

The difference between the procedure and liposuction is the doctor isn’t actually cutting the entire underside of the skin.

With Cellfina, you’re just going where the bands are.

“Once the band is broken, it's not going to reform; so the results, I think, are going to be very long lasting...close to permanent,” Ibrahimi said.

As for the downtime, Ibrahimi says patients may experience a bit of soreness and some bruising, but they are back to activity within a day or two.

For more information on this new cellulite treatment, patients can contact Ibrahimi and his staff at the Connecticut Skin Institute. Here is their website.

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