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Frozen pipes cause problems for homeowners

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Temperatures may have risen well above the subzero readings of the weekend, but homeowners said they're still dealing with the fallout.

Water dripped from the ceiling of Barbara Bennett's Newington home.

"Why me?" Bennett said. "Of all the days, one lousy, cold day and I was out of state."

She said she noticed that her pipes were frozen.

"All the radiators were frozen, broken," she explained. "Everything is cracked. There is water all over the place. It's really a disaster."

Bennett said the mess it made was shocking.

"This piece fits right inside of there and when it froze it just popped out and blows out," said Jamie Campbell, Campbell Cooling and Heating. "When we came [Tuesday] night, the ice was up to here."

Campbell said his company had non-stop calls when temps went below freezing over the weekend.

"When you own a home and walk in and there is icicles hanging from the ceiling, believe me you can't help but cry," he said.

Frozen pipes isn't something that only happens in older homes. Campbell said it can happen in new ones.

There are a few things homeowners can do that may help avoid it:

  • Service the furnace every year.
  • Make sure the oil burner has been turned up
  • Replace the filters every few months
  • Don't lower the heat

"When we know we are going down into negative numbers, turn the heat up, you might have to bear the burden of costs for a few days but [it] beats a totally frozen house," Campbell said.

Depending on what's covered by insurance, companies will likely cover the damage from the leak but no the costs.

Others said if homeowners don't keep up with maintenance, they won't cover anything.

In the meantime, Bennett said she is waiting on her insurance agent to look at the damage.

"This to me, it's devastating," she said.

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