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Eagles seen flying in New Haven park

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A Bald Eagle was spotted at West River Memorial Park in New Haven. (WFSB) A Bald Eagle was spotted at West River Memorial Park in New Haven. (WFSB)

An unusual sighting in New Haven after two Bald Eagles made a home in the Elm City park this week.

The birds of prey were spotted at West River Memorial Park by Eyewitness News cameras on Friday morning. 

The sight has bird lovers flipping over it.

"One of the people in the meeting was facing the windows and screamed ‘Bald Eagle,’” bird lover Dennis Riordan said. “And they said another one and we turned around and there they were."

A male bald eagle and a female were each perched majestically in separate trees, but they are a couple. They mate for life after all and they are here nesting setting up shop at West River Memorial Park.  

"They can get a little over 6 feet. I believe is the max of their wing span, so it's an impressive bird when you see them flying,” Ranger Russ Miller said. “It is pretty obvious that it's bigger than other birds than you've seen for Connecticut anyway."

Miller said you will want to keep your distance though if you come to the park to take a look.

“You don't want to tangle with the talons. They can produce over 500 psi with the talons,” Miller said. “That's pounds per square inch, so imagine that sharp point in one little spot that's gonna do some damage."

Bird experts advised to take in their beauty from a distance such as Rick Montanaro, who drove by and said he had to stop and take a peek.

“I looked up in the tree and saw the eagle,” Montanaro said. “And it's just great to have you know wild life an eagle in New Haven especially."

February is the nesting season for bald eagles, so in a couple of months people should see little chicks, with two or three probable.

The Menunkatuck Audobon Society  told Eyewitness News they will put a web cam in their nest, so people can watch the birds and maybe even the chicks hatch. 

To learn more and see the possible web cam, click here

Bird experts and lovers said they are hoping that this family will decide to stay.

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