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Plymouth fights against blight in town

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This building in Plymouth is being considered blighted and could be knocked down. (WFSB) This building in Plymouth is being considered blighted and could be knocked down. (WFSB)

Town officials have approved a new fund to help cut down on blighted buildings in Plymouth.

A fire destroyed a Plymouth home that sits across from the town green, and the building has charred siding and boarded up windows and door. Authorities said it has been like that since last February.

Town officials said the building will likely be knocked down soon, now that a new fund called "the blight fund" has been set up.

“It should be removed,” Plymouth resident Chris Fredricks said. 

Some people, who live in town, said they are all for knocking down these types of properties. 

“I think it's a worthy fight, especially Main Street," Fredricks said. “And even the blight in general should be dealt with.”

Plymouth Mayor David Merchant said he is taking a hard stand on the blight problem.

“This was an issue I wanted to take care of," Merchant said.

Merchant, who is in his second term as mayor, said it’s time to tear down some of the vacant buildings.

“There is no reason why the good people of this community need to look and be subject to having blighted property all around them," Merchant said.

Merchant said to do that the town has created a blight fund. Some money is from the general fund, but more money will be added once fines and liens are issued.

If a property is considered blight, the town will send the owner a letter. If that owner hasn't done any improvements, they could face up to a daily fine of $50.

“I think there is a problem with blight every place," Merchant said. “I don't think there is a community exempt from blight and Plymouth is no different.”  

The town council and town attorney have approved this fund.

Neighboring Bristol has been cracking down on blight since their mayor took office. They've knocked down dozens of blighted properties.

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