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Lawmakers considering bill to shorten DMV wait times

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Lawmakers are considering a bill that would correct long wait times at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The times grew longer, they said, after a major system upgrade went anything but smooth.

Members of the legislature's transportation committee met on Monday to take up a handful of issues. The wait at the DMV was one of them.

The problems at the DMV culminated with the resignation of commissioner Andres Ayala Jr back in January.

"Right now they have one screen," said Dennis Murphy, acting DMV commissioner. "I am asking them what if they have two screens so they don't need to toggle back and forth."

Despite the computer system overhaul from other the summer, wait times have ranged from 45 minutes to 2 hours, according to lawmakers.

"Is this software we bought, is it going to work?" said Rep. Tony Gurerra, transportation committee. "If it's not going to work then we need to know that and move forward and someone needs to take responsibility for that."

Lawmakers are considering allowing private companies like AAA to do registration services. Currently, AAA only does non-commercial driver's licenses. It would also allow people to register their vehicles, even if they have delinquent taxes. This would make transactions much easier at car dealerships.

"Currently we are the only retailers that have to stop sale of a product when it comes to customers who have back taxes --- so we support governor and DMV to help change that process," said Jonathan Gengras of Gengras Motors.

There have also been substantial coding errors.

"It seems that people are learning on the on," said Sen. Toni Boucher, transportation committee. "And people are waiting a long time to get through it. [There are] code issues and mistakes."

The coding issues have caused problems with tax bills because people's names and their address did not correctly come out.

The number of trips people have to make to the DMV to get things squared away would also be reduced, but lawmakers said they are discouraged.

"It seems like this is a skill we as a state are gradually losing --the ability to do things we have done for decades. We have been registering cars, licensing drivers, and now that's getting to be beyond what the state can handle," said State Rep. Arthur O'Neill, who is a republican who represents Southbury.

Aside from decreasing wait times, the committee said it is also mulling over other bills. One of them included a proposal by Gov. Dannel Malloy that would require a lockbox meant to keep money earmarked for transportation from being spent anywhere else.

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