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Bristol family wants action after dog killed over weekend

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Bristol family wants action after dog killed over weekend. (Family photo) Bristol family wants action after dog killed over weekend. (Family photo)

A Bristol family is heartbroken after their beloved dog was viciously killed during an afternoon walk over the weekend.

George Sinnamon said his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was attacked on Sunday afternoon by two Great Danes that live in the same neighborhood.

“Our family is devastated,” Sinnamon said. “My 16-year-old daughter, this was her pet, is beside herself."

Sinnamon said he and his family are still trying to take in how the day turned so tragic. He said their dog Ruby had been with the family for six years.

“She is the most lovable, adorable dog,” Sinnamon said. “She was my daughter's 10th birthday present." 

Sinnamon said Ruby was attacked when his wife and daughter were out for a walk along Fern Hill Road. He told Eyewitness News the two Great Danes came out of nowhere.

“They were up in another area, came down to sniff at Ruby,” Sinnamon said. “They then proceeded to tear her to shreds and rip her apart."

Police said the attack happened in the 600 block of Fern Hill Road, which is about half-a-mile from where the dogs live.

Sinnamon said despite his family's pain, they will forgive the owner, identified by police as Kristen Chipman. But, he added the dogs must be taken from the home.

“God forbid this had been a child. There were children walking, small children,” Sinnamon said. “Does a dog know the difference between a small child and a small dog? Will they go after...and it's not safe."

Sinnamon said the Great Danes should be removed from the home or at least inspected by a professional. The animals have not been taken from the home, police said. 

Police said Chipman was cited for allowing her dogs to roam, failure to license them and vaccinate them for rabies.

“She can't let the dogs roam. She has to keep the dogs leashed or in control of the dogs, which she didn't,” Bristol Police Lt. Richard Guerrera said. “Apparently, the dogs were in a fenced in backyard and somehow got out."

Sinnamon told Eyewitness News he will do what he can to make his neighbors feel safe as his family heals and gets used to a life without Ruby.

“Ruby meant the world to us. Ruby was a member of our family,” Sinnamon said. “Ruby was never happy unless she was on your lap."

Eyewitness News did reach out to Chipman, but she did not return calls.

Police said Chipman can either pay the fine or argue her case in court next month.

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