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Statement by CT Stop & Shop union on going back to the negation table on Monday

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I write to you on the evening of the 28th from Providence. By now, you may have heard that UFCW Local 1445 chose to continue with their meeting this morning, at which time a strike authorization vote was taken and approved by their members. Local 1445 members are NOT ON STRIKE and are still working just as you are.  This in no way should signify that one local has splintered its unity from the coalition of the New England Locals who are bargaining your new contract. Local 1445 faces imminent challenges from the impending merger and acquisition of the Delhaize Company, specifically with the Hannaford Bros. stores in their geographic region.

We can tell you that as of this writing, the Unions and the Company spent time today trying to work through the problems we anticipate which will emerge from their desired creation of a new FT classification. This should not be misunderstood to represent that we have resolved all other outstanding issues. We will be back at the bargaining table first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning. As previously indicated, we have notified your Employer that we will stay here as long as it takes in order to provide you with the best possible contract. Remember, although the expiration date has occurred, you have the right and obligation to report to work and still can expect your local union to continue representing you.

As soon as we are able to finalize the process of reaching an agreement with your Employer, we will notify you for the purpose of making a full presentation in the anticipation of ratifying your new collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

For Your Patience & Trust,

I Thank You,