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Bed bugs found in Middletown elementary school

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A bed bug like this one was found in a Middletown elementary school. (MGN photo) A bed bug like this one was found in a Middletown elementary school. (MGN photo)

A bed bug was discovered in a Middletown elementary school, according to school officials.

Principal Richard Henderson of the Farm Hill Elementary School sent a letter to parents last week.

Last week, a nurse found two bed bugs on a child, and on Wednesday, a parent found a bed bug in their child's backpack at home.

The superintendent said they were able to determine that the bed bugs from the first incident came from the child's home. No other bed bugs were found at the school and as a precaution, the school was sprayed last weekend.

"It's very scary because you don't know they might bring them home and then spread them all over your house," said Jamee Barrios of Middletown.

Henderson said the school is working to identify the insects through inspections and pest control specialists. It will also have a specialist treat any areas where bed bugs are found.

Henderson said an insecticide called Temprid SC was applied last Saturday in parts of the school. He said the area affected by the insecticide were a classroom module, a locker area in a downstairs hallway.

He ended the letter by urging parents who have experienced bed bugs to seek professional assistance from a qualified pest control company.

Bed bugs are considered parasites that feed on humans.

While the school district is unsure if the two incidents are related, they did say a possible common thread is a certain bus which has been removed from service and is being inspected and fumigated. The pest control will also spray the school again this weekend.

For more information, here's a link to the Department of Public Health's website.

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