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Snow equipment for this weekend's potential storm may be hard to find

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The first day of spring may be Sunday, but a potential nor-easter may put a damper on that.

Residents aren't the only ones ready for spring. A number of stores have sold out of or put away their winter equipment, making it hard to find.

"We thought we were out of the woods," said Erin Fletcher, a shopper.

Winter, it seems, disagrees.

When shoppers visit stores like Walmart, Target or even smaller mom and pop stores, the winter shovels and salt may be hard to find.

"The winter stuff is gone, it’s put away," said Joe Scarpantino, Shop-rite Hardware and Paint, Wethersfield.

Stores have stocked up on things like mulch.

To find shovels and ice melt, shoppers will have to go all the way to the back of the stores, if they even still have them on display.

"We're pulling it out all day [Friday],” Scarpantino said.

It's not just a matter of pulling out the merchandise. He said customers have been swarming the store for the last month looking for lawn care goods. After Sunday, he said they'll have to come back.

"All the people that cleaned up and got the snow mold all scratched up and loosened up, its going to harden up again," Scarpantino said.

He said that kind of discouragement from customers may not help his bottom line.

"We probably got about 15 percent of the season in swing and now you're putting a halt to it, restart," Scarpantino said.

Eyewitness News checked with hardware, grocery and big box stores. A few said they had some scrapers, shovels and salt bags left.

They recommended calling around to see if your local store has what's needed.

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