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Stores restock winter supplies ahead of storm

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With another round of snow on the way, the hunt for winter equipment like shovels and salt may be difficult as many stores have either sold out or shipped out their merchandise.

People in eastern Connecticut told Eyewitness News that while some will be pulling out the snow shovels and blowers, others may be hitting the stores to look for some last-minute supplies.

The eastern part of the state is expected to bear the brunt of the storm, according to the Early Warning Forecast.

As a result, Ace Hardware in Norwich said it had to shift a few things around to restock winter supplies. A few shovels were put out in between the shiny new grills and pounds of mulch.

"We packed all the winter stuff away, probably a little too early," said Ginger Riley, Ace Hardware.

The staff told Eyewitness News that a few days ago, they had to dig out their stock of winter items ahead of Sunday's snow.

"We had to bring down some shovels and bring out the rock salt and the ice melt, and we do have snow blowers," Riley said.

Over in Wethersfield, small mom and pop shops said they were in the same boat.

"The winter stuff is gone," said Joe Scarpantonio, Shop-Rite Hardware and Paint, Wethersfield. "It’s put away.”

Scarpantonio said his business has been in full swing, but for spring.

"We probably got about 15 percent of the season in swing and now you're putting a halt to it, restart," he said.

A number of people said they weren't too thrilled about a snow storm on the first day of spring.

Others, however, said they looked forward to the opportunity to make some extra cash.

"I plow for a living. We had maybe 3 inches of ice for the year for like two weeks," said Paul Baril of Woodstock. "We didn't really use our equipment this year, so right now it's fresh and ready to go."

Shoppers will find that at most stores, including larger retailers like Target and Walmart, shovels and salt have been replaced by mulch and other lawn care goods.

"We thought we were out of the woods," said Erin Fletcher, a shopper.

Anyone who needs ice scrapers, shovels or salt should call around to local stores to see if they have what's needed.

Towns and cities prepare for snow's impact on morning commute

On Sunday afternoon, the snow hadn't fallen yet but crews were getting ready to make sure the roads were going to be as safe as possible when it did start to fall.

Public works crews in New Haven were banking on spring, but in the recent days, crews were putting plows back on their trucks, gearing up for the flakes that are going to fall overnight.

Barbara Houck drives a school bus in New Haven and said she knows how bad things can get.

"We have had problems. Sometimes they don't get the salt trucks out there and as bus drivers, it can be tough getting up a hill," Houck said.

Pauline Evans was out preparing on Sunday, as she wasn't anticipating having to prepare for another storm.

"Anything is possible, last year snow was still on the ground at this time, ice too, I remember," Evans said.

Crews will be working overnight to help keep the streets as clear as possible for the morning commute.

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