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Wolcott Dog Pound seeks owner of and help for pup with 'rotten jaw'

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"Foxy" was found in bad shape on the Terryville/Wolcott line. (Wolcott Dog Pound Facebook photo) "Foxy" was found in bad shape on the Terryville/Wolcott line. (Wolcott Dog Pound Facebook photo)

A Pomeranian mix found in Wolcott has a dog pound seeking its owners.

The male dog, which the pound is calling Foxy, was picked up by Good Samaritans in the area of Allentown Road on the Terryville line.

Two people from Terryville brought the dog in because they noticed it was in bad shape.

It was taken to the Watertown Animal Hospital where veterinarians determined that it had a rotten lower jaw, hair loss and severe flea dermatitis. Its nails were like daggers and turning into its pads.

"He's sweet and he didn't deserve this," Wolcott Animal Control Officer Roz Nenninger said. 

Dog pound employees said it was an uncalled for case of pure neglect.

"I do believe this all could have been prevented," Nenninger said. 

Foxy is currently at the animal hospital awaiting test results from blood work. The pound said it is unsure what direction its going to take with the dog.

"We will try to do everything we can for him and at least help keep him comfortable for now till we can come up with a game plan for Foxy," the pound said on Facebook.

If the blood work comes out good, it can go under anesthesia for a mouth operation and get the infection under control. However, it'll cost more than $1,000. The pound said that money is not in its budget and asked for help from the public.

Eyewitness News talked with State Rep. Diana Urban, who has been pushing for tougher laws for animal abusers. One bill is called Desmond's Law named after a dog who was killed by its owner.

"This is the bill we really think will move the meter forward on animal cruelty in the state of Connecticut, if not the nation," Urban said. 

Urban said if passed this bill, it would be a model for our country and she wants it to happen this legislative session. As a voice for the abused pets, an animal advocate would be in the court with all the information involved in the case.

"This is serious. Animal cruelty is an act of violence," Urban said. "The idea is to increase the convictions so that we have an impact. We are going to prosecute you and you're going to get in trouble."  

Urban said she wants animal abuse to stop and now's the time to do it. 

It's not right. It's not normal," Urban said. 

If you interested in supporting Desmond's Law, you are asked to reach out to your local legislators. 

Donations can be made to the Watertown Animal Hospital by calling  860-274-2212.

If anyone knows who the dog belongs to, contact the Wolcott Dog Pound at 203-879-7620 or the Wolcott Police Department at 203-879-1414.

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