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2 dogs attacked by coyotes in Manchester

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Two dogs attacked by coyotes in Manchester. (DEEP) Two dogs attacked by coyotes in Manchester. (DEEP)

A dog was injured after police said the pets were attacked by a pair of coyotes this week.  

Miram was walking her two dogs, Cedar and Maple, along a trail on Garth Road on Friday.

"I've never seen a coyote in the day time," Miram said. 

Miriam said she was surprised to see two coyotes. 

"You never know when you go out into the woods what you're going to find," Miram said. 

 Miram said the walk with her two dogs  started out as quiet. That’s when Cedar caught a scent of something and started to investigate. But, he didn’t see the danger that was waiting in the nearby forest. 

"As soon as he started running the coyotes were both running after him," Miram said. "Cedar has gone over a knoll and was crying his heart out, so I knew he had been bit." 

Maple could sense something was wrong and went to investigate. That’s when the coyotes saw Miram. 

"They started running towards me and the coyotes started running toward my dogs, so we were all running," Miram said.

Miriam started dialing 911 as she ran at full speed. Luckily, she was able to get away, but her dogs were injured. Cedar got the worst of it with bites on his leg and tail.   

"Maple received three bits. Cedar received five bites. He's got stitches and needed to be sedated," Miram said.  

Dogs are expected to recover from their injuries, Miram said.

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection officials said this time of year is the whelping season for coyotes.

During the whelping season, DEEP officials said “coyotes will have heightened aggression during these times.”

Miram said she has some advice for pet owners.

"I just suggest anybody that's going out in the woods, especially this time of year, to let some one know where you are and to have a cell phone," Miram said. "You read about it and you hear about it you never think it's going to happen to you." 

Miram said she also recommended carrying a stick. 

Manchester residents are being advised by police to use caution when walking outside. Dog owners should also be careful when letting their dogs out in the area.

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