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4.6.16 Ball Park Mac & Cheese

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Carla showed us 2 easy and delicious recipes today!  Ball Park Mac & Cheese is the second one, click here to see more.

Carla's Ball Park Mac & Cheese


1 bag 5499 Carla's Mac & Cheese                                              

2 ea. Hot Dogs of Choice               



1. Grill or Boil Hot Dogs 4-5 minutes until cooked thoroughly.

2. Microwave Carla's Mac & Cheese Steam and Serve Pasta according to cooking directions. (High power for 3 minutes, roll bag to incorporate sauce with pasta, High power for additional 3 minutes).

3. Open Carla's Mac & Cheese steam bag and pour contents onto a serving vessel.

4. Cut hot dogs and scatter above Mac & Cheese. Another option is to toast some hot dog buns and build Mac & Cheese hot dogs!! Also an option is to skewer the Hot Dogs with Mac & Cheese to build skewered 'Ball Park' Mac & Cheese bites.