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Meeting held after Newtown teacher accused of bringing gun to school

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Jason Adams (Newtown Police photo) Jason Adams (Newtown Police photo)

Parents in Newtown had a lot of questions at a forum on Thursday, following the arrest of a teacher.

It’s a community that is still so raw four years after the school shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead.

On Thursday, parents asked how teacher Jason Adams could have gotten a gun inside of the Newtown Middle School.

A staff member Wednesday morning saw it on him and alerted officials.

Another question was whether Adams had any bad intentions to use the gun. School Superintendent Joseph Erardi said while that will be learned in the investigation, he believes there was no malice.

"It was an egregious error of judgment to have that weapon on person, on school grounds within our school, thus the reason why I was able to honestly share that my belief at that moment was that there was no malice in any way or harm intended on anybody,” Erardi said.

Most parents seemed to have little sympathy if it was Adams intent to protect students and felt there is no place for a gun in school.

However, Eyewitness News spoke to one student who felt a teacher should have a gun.

"I think that teachers, to have the ability to carry a gun, be well trained and be able to defend themselves and the kids in that class, it's another deterrent,” said Tim Snellman, who is a Newtown parent.

Police and security officials assured parents that no children were ever in danger, and they believe the schools are well protected, but some parents seemed skeptical that the schools are safe enough.

"A gun got into the school so that should be a wakeup call to us that says something more needs to be done that we have to fix that,” said Melissa Mottola, a Newtown parent.

Officials said the investigation will probably take a few weeks. They also pointed out that Adams exited the school peacefully, and no students ever witnessed any type of alarming situation.

They said they chose not to do an automated call to parents because they did not want to frighten anyone and they waited until the afternoon to send out an email because they wanted to make sure they had all the facts of the incident.

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