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Bales of hay stolen from farm in Bethany

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Bales of hay were stolen from farm in Bethany.  (Locket's Meadow Farm) Bales of hay were stolen from farm in Bethany. (Locket's Meadow Farm)

Owners of an animal sanctuary in Bethany are asking for the public’s help locating the person or people responsible for stealing hay from their facility.

Locket's Meadow Farm posted on its Facebook on Monday morning that the theft had occurred earlier in the morning. The owners of the farm said they have filled a report with state police, but no arrests were made by investigators.  

Locket's Meadow Farm has programs that use horses to help bullied girls. 

"They come here with shattered self esteem," Founder of Locket's Meadow Farm Kathleen Schuman said. "They these bullied little girls spend eight weeks with these horses and they come out the other side in much better shape." 

Schuman said that running a farm is not easy. 

"This is our lives we do nothing else but work and take care of these animals," Schuman said. 

Schuman said she has been concerned that over the last few years about five bales of hay a week seem to disappear. She thought it could be theft, but figured no one would stoop so low.  

The post said there were  bales in their barn around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday night.

Schuman said she spotted a suspicious car at the end of the farm’s driveway around 5:45 a.m., the post said.

“I was at the end of our driveway at 5:45 am when I saw a strange car pull out and very slowly drive down the road,” the post states

Schuman said she did not recognize the vehicle or the driver and when they went inside the barn, the four bales were gone. 

"Why why think about what your doing this has an actual affect on people who are trying to do good work," Schuman said. 

Even though Schuman was angry, she said this whole episode actually restored her faith in humanity. People have shared her outrage and come by to give the sanctuary more hay, so they can continue their important work.

"It's the sweetest thing they care about the animals," Schuman said. 

The bales of hay cost a little leas than $8 each. Schuman said over the years the thefts have cost them thousands of dollars.  

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