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CT apothecary explains benefits of herbal tea

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Whole Harmony Apothecary shows us the medical benefits of herbal tea. (WFSB) Whole Harmony Apothecary shows us the medical benefits of herbal tea. (WFSB)

A Connecticut apothecary shares the medical benefits of herbal tea.

Tea has been a staple in many cultures around the world for hundreds of years. Some drink it out of tradition, some drink tea for the taste and then there are some that drink it for medicinal reasons.

“Instantly, it's just warming,” Stephanie Nix, of Griswold, said. “It's very warming throughout my whole system, very calming.”

That's how Nix would described the Goddess Tea. It’s a popular item that's made, served and sold at the Whole Harmony Apothecary in Haddam.

“The teas are kind of the easiest ways to introduce people to herbs,” said David Soule, who is an owner of Whole Harmony Apothecary in Haddam.

“These are all of our handcrafted artisan teas,” Stacey Wood, who is an owner of Whole Harmony Apothecary in Haddam, said. “We have about 35 different blends right now.”

Wood and Soule opened their apothecary business last October, inside this historical pre-Civil War home.

Nearly all of their products contain herbs they're able to grow locally on their farm.

“Both David and I are certified Herbalists where we went to school to study the properties, energies, and actions of herbs,” Wood said.

“We can look at an herb and know that there's chemicals in there and this chemical is going to create a chemical reaction in the brain,” Soule said.

Whole Harmony has over 30 different blends of teas.

“They're strictly herbal teas,” Wood said. “We don't put anything in them other than raw herbs. There's no caffeine, there's no sugar, no additives, no preservatives.”

Wood and Soule get all kinds of customers of different backgrounds and ages.

“I feel better every time I come here,” Brendan Barnes, who suffers from asthma, said.

Barnes said he finds more relief in their tea than his inhaler.

“I told Stacey that I didn't like the medicine, so she made me my own tea,” Barnes said.

Wood can also make a tea that caters to a customer's specific needs.

“It’s a holistic approach,” Soule said. “It's not just trying to take a pill to help with your stress or pain or an ache or nerve.”  

Mary Hickish, of Higganum, said she suffers from osteoarthritis.

“So far she has created two for me and again,” Hickish said. “I'm feeling progressively better and better and better.”

“Then we have ones like our headache tea, our digestion tea, our sleep tea, all areas in which people seem to struggle with those imbalances a lot,” Wood said.

For those who want to de-stress, they reach for the 'tranquility' tea.

“I'm a grad student, so I'm super-stressed,” Nix said. “High stress with a lot of working going on all the time, but that tea is amazing. It brings me back to my center and being calm.

In addition to these teas, Whole Harmony Apothecary also offers other products, workshops as well as things such as yoga and reflexology.

For more information on the Whole Harmony Apothecary, click here.

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