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CT woman gets gift of hearing

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Scotty Clark cries after hearing for the first time in 15 years. (WFSB) Scotty Clark cries after hearing for the first time in 15 years. (WFSB)

A Connecticut, woman who lost a lot of her hearing after a diabetes diagnosis, got the opportunity for crystal clear communication on Tuesday.  

For the last 15 years, Scotty Clark could barely hear. She needed to read lips just to get by.

“It's like you're being ignored. You're sitting in the corner all by yourself,” Clark said. “The conversation is going on around you.”

Clark was moved to tears when her hearing was restored by a couple top of the line Beltone Hearing Aids.

Clark was in utter shock and joy. For the first time in more than a decade, she was able to clearly hear her husband Gerry on Tuesday.

“It wasn't what I was expecting. He's got a deep voice, I didn't realize your voice was so deep. It's gorgeous,” Clark said. “I've fallen in love all over again.”

Clark said her hearing loss started when she was diagnosed with diabetes. For the last five years, she had to wear this Bluetooth device and it was a hassle.

“No, it's not comfortable at all,” Clark said. “I have to keep putting my hand up to make sure it's in. It's really annoying.”

Clark said she wanted the hearing aids, but at $6,000, the retired Walmart worker couldn't afford them.

But, her hearing care practitioner Sara Andreozzi found a way to help. From her Groton office, Andreozzi wrote the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation on behalf of Scotty Clark.

“She moved to this country from Scotland. She's been in this country for almost her entire adult life,” Andreozzi said. “She's worked very hard in this community, lives down the street, and I thought, who better to be a recipient than Mrs. Clark.”

The foundation came through and the hearing aids were free. The conversations she'll be able to have with her grandchildren and Gerry Clark will be priceless.

“To give people back that sounds of my granddaughter or that's my husband, that's the greatest gift we can give anybody,” Andreozzi said.  

“I feel like a new person, I really do,” Clark said. “I can actually hear myself now.”

The Beltone Hearing Care Foundation continues to accept applications for the program. To donate to the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation, click here

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