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Trump rally draws protestors and supporters alike

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Trump Rally in Hartford (WFSB) Trump Rally in Hartford (WFSB)

Trump’s arrival in Hartford on Friday evening drew an estimated seven thousand people to the Hartford Convention Center – supporters and protestors alike.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Jason Frazer was on the scene where police said up to 800 protestors were outside the convention. The large crowds were mostly peaceful but at some times chaotic.

Armed with signs and bullhorns, protestors chanted, while supporters nearby tried to pack the Convention Center.

“I don’t want to live in America where hate trumps everything else,” said Jeniffer Perez, who said she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to speak out against Trump’s arrival.

Conversely, Trump supporter Quinn Vissak didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see Trump in Hartford either, “I support their right to protest but when you're shouting racial slurs and saying every supporter is a racist, you're basing your opinion not on fact but on stereotype. You can't really be respected.”

Even after the rally, protestors surrounded and chanted at Trump supporters as they filed out of Convention Center.

In response, supporters chanted “USA, USA.”

Police stood guard, but held back, and were going to intervene only if the crowd turned violent.

“We had zero arrests, zero acts of violence, and no injuries as a result of any problems, said Deputy Chief Brian Foley of the Hartford Police.