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4.25.16 Salad Nicoise

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Salad Nicoise


12 Campari Tomatoes or Tomato of choice seasoned with Fleur de Sel

2   Red or Orange Peppers Thinly Sliced Green Peppers are Traditional

12oz Boiled Fingerling Potatoes (Not Traditional)

12oz Trimmed Green Beans, trimmed, Blanched for 4 minutes and chilled in cold water (Not Traditional)

12 Anchovies Fillets in Olive Oil Drained

1 Small Onion (Red) Thinly Sliced

½ Cup of Olives Nicoise or Kalamata Olives (Not Traditional)

6 6 Minute Boiled eggs Soft in Center, Cut in Half

1 Head of Lettuce, Frisée or Bibb/ Boston Oil a Large handful of Organic Mesclun Greens in Person

11/2 lbs. of Fresh Tuna Cut into Blocks at Room Temperature, Seared on all sides, Rare in the Center

First rub the tuna with olive oil, Season with Fleur de Sel and freshly ground pepper

Then Sear or Grill rare, Sliced Thinly

Additional Options, Basil 12-18 Leaves, Chervil, or Tarragon


1 Large Shallot or 2 Small Minced

2 Cloves of Garlic Minced

11/2 Teaspoons of Dijon Mustard

1/3 Cup of White Vinegar or Red

½ Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Blend All Together Using a Hand held (Immersion) Blender or Whisk by hand Till Emulsified. (May Separate)

Layer the Salad

1st Choice would be a bowl (Traditional) or a large round plate

Lay the greens and the herbs on the bottom, Top with little mound of each

Peppers, Potatoes, Green Beans, Onion, Olives, around the plate.

Fan Tuna across center, Top and cross with Anchovies Fillets, Place Eggs and tomatoes near tuna

Drizzle with dressing and top off with Fleur de Sel (finishing Salt) and freshly ground pepper.

The Salad Nicoise is a timeless classic and one of the most famous and loved salad in the world. Served at lunch in fancy restaurants all over the globe, great for an easy dinner for entertaining. Quite a healthy salad that you can modify the portions of. More tomatoes, eggs or tuna or less if counting on a strict diet. God help you! Take the tuna out of the refrigeration 45 minutes before cooking. (To Bring Tuna to Room Temperature) Originally just tomatoes, anchovies and olive oil, then with raw vegetables, no potatoes or green beans. Canned tuna was later introduced and today the option of fresh tuna- we Americans are very fortunate for all that we have. I could easily see some shaved chili pepper discs on the tuna for a little heat/burn.