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Enfield family says bullets are hitting their property

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Enfield family said bullets are hitting their property. (WFSB) Enfield family said bullets are hitting their property. (WFSB)

A family in Enfield said it feels like they are living on a gun range after some incidents where bullets flew onto their property. 

The Pavlakis family said they feel at times too afraid to even walk their property on Shaker Road. But, they said Sunday became the breaking point when bullets literally whizzed past their heads.

“When the first bullet came through, I could hear it break through the branches and go and I just literally fell to the ground and grabbed one dog and called the other,” homeowner Cheryle Pavlakis said. "The third one went like right over me and I was afraid to stand up. It was the first time instead of getting angry, I got fearful."

The Pavlakis family has lived on their 26-acre property on Shaker Road for generations. But recently their quiet enjoyment of their sprawling land has been ruined by what they said sounds like target practice coming from the woods behind their home.

"When they start target shooting, that's it our grandkids have to come in,” Pavlakis said. “If he's outside plowing or working in the garden or I'm out walking my dogs, I have to stop and come in because I am afraid that the ricochets are going to hit one of us.”

In fact, one of the bullets did hit their family truck. The bullet struck the windshield, which has since been repaired, and grazed the front hood.

"Right there it hit the windshield and went up just like that,” Pavlakis said.

Pavlakis said they have called police after several of these incidents. But, the family is not sure exactly where it is coming from. They said they just want to safely use their land.

"We have been to the home twice. Once on March 1st and once on April 24th, twice actually on April 24th...and at no time did the resident show us any type of damage that she had suffered from any type of gunshot. She did hear shooting from somebody target practicing, but we have never been informed or shown any damage she suffered and we are out there today seeing if that is in fact the case," Enfield Police Chief Carl Sferrazza said. 

Eyewitness News reached out to the Department of Environmental Protection about state laws regarding gun ranges. They said it is up to towns to enforce ordinances.

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