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Three things to consider when trying to get pregnant

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Having a baby is a huge decision for any couple, but for some it takes months of trying.

Lifestyle issues are important, according to Dr. John Nulsen, who said one big thing is weight.

Nulsen is the director of the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, and said he advises those who are trying to get pregnant to be at a healthy weight.

“There's a lot of very good and strong evidence that excessive weight it absolutely associated with increased ability to not be able to conceive. It's also associated, if you do conceive, with an increased risk for birth defects, miscarriages, increased problems for the mom, diabetes for the mom, high blood pressure,” Nulsen said.

Tip number two is to not smoke.

“If you look at the average age of menopause, the average age of menopause is reduced in women who smoke,” Nulsen said. “What brings about menopause, that's running out of eggs, so basically what that's telling you is smoking is destroying your eggs.”

It isn’t just women who need to be concerned.

“There's very strong evidence that smoking in the male can also interfere with sperm production, additionally excess weight can be involved with sperm production,” Nulsen said.

Ami Chokshi is a certified health coach who works at the center and helps couples deal with reducing stress.

“While stress isn’t the main cause of infertility, it can certainly lead to infertility, so it's important to reduce all areas of stress,” Chokshi said.

Also, sometimes just talking about the problem can help.

“There’s a stigma around it and when women start connecting with it they realize it's okay, and a lot of women are going through it,” Chokshi said.

They do offer yoga and acupuncture at the center to help alleviate stress.

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