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Windsor kennel partially shuts down after canine respiratory infection outbreak

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Day Hill Kennels in Windsor is the center of a canine respiratory infection, which has caused one dog to die and many others to be hospitalized. 

The facility has shut down two-thirds of the kennel. They closed their daycare, but as of right now they are still taking boarding reservations, and as of Friday they had about 20 dogs in their care. 

Bob Lennon booked boarding arrangements at the Day Hill Kennels. 

"I called yesterday to make the arrangements to board her," Lennon said. 

His dog Arizona was supposed to stay until he and his wife saw the report about the infection on Eyewitness News. Lennon's wife called the business on Friday. 

"She called them this morning and they were the ones who had it," Lennon explained. 

Eyewitness News spoke to the owner of Day Hill Kennels and he said that a dog was boarded at the facility and got sick, it turned into pneumonia and the dog died. 

Eyewitness News learned other dogs have come down with kennel cough, but it could lead to something much more serious. 

"What makes this different, is it's a newer virus that's being isolated in a couple of cases and also that one dog apparently did pass away," said Dr. Andrea Dennis, Bloomfield Animal Hospital. 

To prevent kennel cough, the bordetella shot protects dogs from picking up the virus. 

"You actually give it in the nose," Dennis said. 

Most kennels require dogs to get this shot. Day Hill Kennels does require the shot and they said you have to show documentation. Some how dozens of dogs have been getting sick, dog owners have called the facility to tell them. 

The owner is taking precaution by saying, "Beginning this week, we stopped our daycare facility and shut down party of the facility when we noticed any signs of dogs coughing, so we can thoroughly clean and disinfect." 

The daycare portion will reopen on May 9. As for some dog owners, they're going to find somewhere else to bring their dogs until the problem is fully resolved. 

"We don't want her to get sick, she's like your kid," Lennon said. 

Vets suggest that if dog owners plan to board their dogs, they should ask if the kennels have had any respiratory outbreaks and what type. Day Hill Kennel said they've been letting clients know what happened and it's up to them whether they want to board their dogs there. 

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