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Stay warm and cozy with Chicken and wonton noodles

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Carol Peck from the Good News Café is with us and she has the perfect recipe for a rainy day!  To learn more about the Good News Café, click here.

Chicken & Wonton Noodles in a Pot

1  3 lb. whole chicken, rinsed

4  qts. water

2  inch piece of fresh ginger, julienned

8  cloves garlic, peeled & sliced

1  Tb. hot chili paste

1   c.  soy sauce or tamari

1   head bok choy, coarsely cut

1          lb. shiitake mushroom, stems removed & sliced

½ lb. fresh wonton noodles, cut into ½ in. strip

16  sprigs fresh cilantro & mint, leaves picked

 1   bunch scallions, sliced


Place the chicken in 6 qt. pot, cover with water.  Add ginger, garlic, chili paste & soy sauce.   Cover the pot, bring to boil, skim the top fat, reduce the heat to medium, cook 40 minutes, until chicken is cooked.    Remove the chicken with a large cook's fork, set aside to cool.   Add the bok choy & shiitakes to the pot and turn up the heat to high.  Cook 5 minutes.  Next add the wonton noodles and cook till they are soft.  Stir in cilantro, mint & scallions, and chicken meat.    While cooking the stock, break down the chicken, pulling off the meat from the bones, and tear into large pieces.