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What's in your wine?

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There could be more in a bottle of wine than you bargained for. (WFSB) There could be more in a bottle of wine than you bargained for. (WFSB)

If you’re a wine lover, do you know what’s in the wine you’re drinking?

Winemaker Maryann Houde, of Gouveia Vineyards in Wallingford, said there should only be a handful of ingredients in wine.

“We use cultured yeast and that helps us to make sure we get the flavor we are looking for in the wine,” Houde said.

However, she said there could be more in a bottle of wine than you bargained for.

Eyewitness News was invited into Gouveia Vineyard’s wine cellar, learning that nutrients are added to help the yeast move along with the fermentation process.

At Gouveia, it’s all natural.

“After that, there isn't much we do to it. The grape is the flavor profile that it has and we try to make sure it becomes what it's supposed to be, whether it will have floral notes, citrus,” Houde said.

There’s also sulfur dioxide, or sulfites, which occurs naturally.

Gouveia Vineyards produces 90,000 bottles of wine per year, but bigger companies that need to produce more wine could be throwing in additives, like “mega purple” which darkens the wine, and gelatin for texture.

“If the wine making process goes bad, which it can happen for whatever reason, you will have to fix the wine basically,” Houde said.

When you turn over the bottle of wine, you’ll likely see the alcohol content and a health warning statement.

But there has been a recent proposal to put ingredients used to make the wine, right on the label.

Eyewitness News contacted the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau about the proposal, but calls have not been returned.

As for smaller, local wineries like Gouveia that don’t need to push out a product at a rapid pace, when drinking local wine, you know what you’re getting.

“Our heart and our passion go into what we do. When you buy local wine, you are helping to keep people employed and farms in production and that says a lot for our state,” Houde said.

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