Channel 3 takes a trip to Clinton - WFSB 3 Connecticut

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20 Towns in Twenty Days

Channel 3 takes a trip to Clinton

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Channel 3 takes a trip to Clinton (WFSB) Channel 3 takes a trip to Clinton (WFSB)

Tuesday’s segment of 20 Towns in Twenty Days took Channel 3 to the shoreline.

Clinton’s Beach Donut Shop was a “must go to” place on Tuesday for Channel 3.

The West Main Street donut shop makes 700 dozen donuts on a weekend day. Check out their Facebook page here.

The shop is an institution, dating back 60 years.

"Break the eggs, we add in the flour, we add in the shortening, it's done the same way it was done 60 years ago,” said Ted Powaleny, of Beach Donut Shop.

“They're just, they're so light and fluffy, they're the best,” said Jan Banning, a Clinton resident.

Jelly and their famous sour cream donuts are two of the most popular.

Channel 3 made a $1,000 donation to the Clinton Volunteer Fire Department, which also received a $500 gift card from PC Richard and Son.

Nancy Urell has been following along with 20 Towns in Twenty Days, and she tracked down Channel 3 on Tuesday near the town marina, helping describe the best things about Clinton.

Channel 3 also took a trip to what the locals describe as Clinton’s “Cheers.” Rocky’s Aqua a restaurant on Riverside Drive that just reopened for the season, with some of the best views of the water.

Channel 3 also stopped by the famous Lobster Landing but it is closed on Tuesday.

For some details on the Clinton Antique Center, click here.

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