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4 million workers eligible for overtime under new rules

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Major changes are in the works that will affect millions of workers, including those in Connecticut.

More than 4 million workers who were exempt will soon be eligible for overtime under rules issued on Wednesday by the Obama Administration.

It particularly affects the fast food and retail managers who've long complained that they're barely paid more than those they supervise.

Under the new rules, companies won't be able to deny overtime to managers unless they make nearly $48,000 per year.

Current overtime rules force employers to pay at least time and a half for those working more than 40 hours; however, managers are a different story.

The White House said it anticipates 4.2 million more salaried workers will become eligible for overtime under the new rules.

The threshold under which companies can deny overtime is $23,660 per year.

The new policy raises that to $47,476.

Over the next 10 years, the White House said this will raise pay by $1.2 billion dollars for workers nationwide.

Business groups have tried to fight the change.

Their belief is that this will hurt small companies and only add to the number of salaried workers. It will also result in less flexible schedules for workers as a whole.

The new rules take affect Dec. 1.

For an overview of the new rules, click here.

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