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20 Towns in Twenty Days

Channel 3 goes to Norwich

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Channel 3 made a donation to Bully Busters in Norwich on Thursday (WFSB) Channel 3 made a donation to Bully Busters in Norwich on Thursday (WFSB)

On Thursday, Channel 3 traveled to Norwich for the next installment of 20 Towns in Twenty Days.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, one out of every four students are bullied at school.

For many years, a Norwich-based organization has been working to stop bullies.

Channel 3 met with the volunteers behind Bully Busters on Thursday, donating $1,000 to their efforts. They also received a $500 gift card from PC Richard and Son.

For 14 years, the Bully Busters have been fighting back against bullying with programs in local schools, churches and community centers.

"Well, our message is about promoting kindness. We're trying to teach kids that kindness is magical and getting kids to understand that it's okay to be kind - and if we can spread that word on a daily basis, 24-7, that's our goal,” said Debbie Kievits, of Norwich Bully Busters.

The organization also has a painting program where children and volunteers paint positive messages on benches and put them in schools.

The Bully Busters don’t want any child afraid to go to school, or to take their life because of bullying.

For more information on the organization, click here.

Channel 3 also got a taste of Philadelphia on Thursday in Norwich.

A Taste of Philadelphia on Sherman Street has everything for the cheesesteak lover.

The fresh rolls and many of the ingredients are shipped in three times a week from Philly.

The owner and his brother moved to Connecticut from Philly and they are committed to making the perfect sandwich in Norwich.

"My brother kind of was under the wing of a place called Jim's on South Street. He showed him everything he knew, we added our touch to it and it's been a success,” said Evan Adams of A Taste of Philadelphia.

The restaurant is 5 years old and each cheese-steak features a Philly favorite—Cheese-Wiz.

Check out their Facebook page here.

Channel 3 also visited a church that needs your help.

The United Congregational Church on Broadway dates back to 1857, but in 1872, the historic building with Tiffany-stained glass windows was home to Mr. Tiffany’s wedding.

Louis Comfort Tiffany married his wife, Mary Woodbridge Goddard, in the church.

A few years after his wedding, he oversaw the redesign of the sanctuary and created the stained glass windows.

Church leaders are trying to raise enough money to do some significant repairs.

"Obviously, he designed church windows all over the country and where he didn't, people copied him. So this is quite a unique landmark in the city of Norwich and it's quite a gem,” said Pastor George Blair.

To make a donation, click here.

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