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Teen wearing jeans asked to leave prom at Ledyard High School

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One Connecticut family said they are upset after their daughter's date was asked to leave the prom for wearing jeans.

But Ledyard school officials say all students knew well ahead of time there was a dress code for prom night. 

Ledyard High School Senior Jenna Russell said she feels pretty at home on the farm. In fact, even though she lives in Stonington, she's about to graduate from Ledyard High-School's vocational-agricultural program. This past weekend, she and her date wanted to continue that country theme, into the prom.

"I had my camo dress and he had his red jacket, which kinda matched, and the jeans went with the country theme," Russell said. 

But after a few hours, Russell said she and her date were stopped by the principal. Even though Russell's date had a blazer, he was wearing jeans. They said he either had to change or leave.

"They shouldn't have done that," Russell said. "He was formal. He had formal clothes on, and it just ruined my night, ruined our night."

Russell's dad brought her date a suit and they ended up staying at prom.

But school officials told Eyewitness News Russell and other students knew well ahead of time that prom required formal attire. The superintendent said if they had any questions they could have asked the principal. In fact, if Russell's date had worn khakis instead of jeans, he would have been fine.

The superintendent's office said the information was sent out to all seniors. The guest form Russell's date had to fill out in order to be allowed to attend also says on it, "formal attire required."

Other seniors told Eyewitness News that they were torn on the issue.

"I don't think that anybody going to prom should be wearing jeans," Ledyard High School Senior Samantha Barnes said. "I think it's a formal event and there's plenty of opportunities to find stuff even if you think it's expensive."

"Most houses don't have $230 to spend and what if they have two kids, that's a lot of money," Ledyard High School Senior Justin Carter said. "So they should be able to spend whatever they want."

Rae-Jean Davis, who is Russell's mom, said even though her daughter is now weeks away from graduating, she thinks this is a bigger issue.

"I just want any child to attend prom that wants to. I don't think it should just be for rich children," Davis said. "If somebody doesn't have the money for formal attire, I think they should be allowed to attend as long as they're behaving themselves and they look neat and clean."

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