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Travelers at Bradley Airport experience long wait times

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Travelers at Bradley Airport experience long wait times (WFSB) Travelers at Bradley Airport experience long wait times (WFSB)

Long TSA lines caused some travelers at Bradley International Airport to miss their flights on Tuesday. Eyewitness News talked to passengers in Windsor Locks who had to rebook their flights.

Around noon is a slower time to travel at Bradley International Airport.

“I don't go in the morning, no, no, no. It has to do with carpooling with my grandchildren," traveler Sharon Ereein said.  “They couldn't drop me off if they wanted to.”

Many travelers avoid peak morning hours when security checkpoint lines are long. 

“We usually fly out of Washington where the lines are really bad," traveler Dave Griffin said. 

Amid complaints of unbearably long lines, there’s a shakeup at the top of the Transportation Security Administration. The head of security responsible for operations at 450 airports nationwide Kelly Hoggan was replaced by his deputy Darby LaJoye.

His salary has been questioned. Hoggan earned $90,000 in bonuses while screeners he oversaw “failed” to catch planted explosives or weapons 95 percent of the time they were tested.

Nationwide, tens of thousands have missed their flights as screenings have slowed. 

The TSA blamed staffing shortages, tightened screening measures and an increasing number of flyers. On Tuesday, the agency said it’ll launch an “incident command center” to better track screening issues nationwide.

Eyewitness News found some travelers flying out of Bradley Airport missed their flight on Tuesday morning, even arriving 90 minutes ahead of schedule. 

Travelers said one of the security checkpoints was so full the line was outside that door. 

Bradley International Airport officials said the average wait time through security is 30 minutes. 

"On the days when passenger volume is high, we might experience longer lines than usual, but they tend to be moving rather quickly," Kevin Dillon, who is the executive director of the CT Airport Authority, said. 

Some travelers told Eyewitness News they are happy not dealing with the long lines and wait times. 

“I'm glad we picked the right time," Griffin said. 

“I haven't had no problem. No problem at all," Ereein said. 

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