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Blighted New Haven home slated to be torn down

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An abandoned home in New Haven is slated to be torn down soon. (WFSB) An abandoned home in New Haven is slated to be torn down soon. (WFSB)

Neighbors are describing an abandoned house on Hazel Street in New Haven as an eyesore.

It has been that way for years, even after neighbors were told it was coming down. Not only is it abandoned, but people are also using it as a dumping ground.

Carlos Ramos said every day he steps outside his home, all he sees is broken windows, couches, old televisions, over-grown grass and garbage everywhere.

"People go sleep over there, a lot of people do their number one and number two back there, we'll be on the porch, people peeing right in front of us, it's disgusting,” Ramos said.

There was a fire at the home years ago, and neighbors said it has been abandoned ever since.

A no dumping sign someone tacked up is constantly ignored, and while the caution tape has faded, the trash keeps piling up.

"It’s a dump, everybody dumps their stuff here and you see the raccoons, possums, coming out of there,” Ramos said.

In January, the city put up a notice, sending a letter to the owner saying the building was unsafe and a potential fire hazard and that it needed to be secured.

The city never heard back.

"With a house in that condition, we don't care if the owner answers us, we're going to tear it down,” said Jim Turcio, of the New Haven Building Department.

While it might have taken longer than the city wanted, the building department said the house is coming down.

"When I first got this job, the order had expired, but there was a misspelling on it. We had to send out a new one and it will be released for demolition today,” Turcio said.

"I’ll be glad to see it go down, it's better for the neighborhood, it's is an eyesore,” said Daniel Muniz, of New Haven.

The city said the house should be knocked down in the next week or two, and then they will put a lien on the property.

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