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Antipasto salad recipe

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The delicious antipasto salad made by Luigi's.  (WFSB photo) The delicious antipasto salad made by Luigi's. (WFSB photo)

Luigi's Famous Antipasto Salad:

-2 heads washed, chopped Romaine Lettuce    4 ounces each of the following, sliced thin:    1 small jar of each of the following:
-2 Tomatoes, cored, sliced in wedges    

-Cooked Salami    

-Marinated Mushrooms
-1 Cucumber, sliced    

-Genoa Salami    

-Marinated Eggplant
-15-20 Pitted Olives, Black, Kalamata, or both    


-1 Small tin Anchovies in olive oil (optional)  

 -Capa Cola    

-Marinated Artichoke Hearts
-4 Links Italian Sausage, cooked, sliced    


-Roasted Red Peppers
-15-20 Slices Pepperoni    

The following dried spices:    
-2 (4-oz) balls Fresh Mozzarella, sliced    -Oregano    
-2 Cups Italian Dressing    -Granulated Garlic    
-4 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil    -Black Pepper    

1. Mound chopped romaine lettuce on a 16" round platter (preferably a platter with a rim to prevent dressing from spilling).
2. Form each meat and provolone slice into a cone (done by cutting a slit halfway through and rolling into a cone, or by simply folding twice and opening into a cone) and insert randomly into lettuce.

3. Next, drain marinated vegetables and pepperoncini of their jar juices, set red peppers aside, and sprinkle rest over entire top of salad, covering mostly lettuce and keeping rolled meats/provolone exposed. 

4. Evenly spread the tomato wedges, cucumber slices, and pepperoni over the top. 

5. Next, place olives and fresh mozzarella on top, placing some of them in the meat and provolone cones.
6. Spread sliced Italian Sausage on top of the salad.
7. Dice roasted red peppers and sprinkle evenly over the top.
8. If desired, lay anchovy filets over the top, or serve separately on the side.  
9. Sprinkle generously with oregano, black pepper and granulated garlic.
10. Drizzle antipasto generously with Italian dressing.

11. Serve with crusty Italian bread, and enjoy!