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BBB: Users should change their LinkedIn passwords

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A job-searching social networking service under-reported a number of hacked accounts, according to consumer safety advocates.

The Connecticut Better Business Bureau recommended that users of LinkedIn immediately change their passwords.

As a result, it urged users to be suspicious of any email that appears to come from LinkedIn, but asks for personal information or instructs the users to click on a link or open an attachment.

The BBB said LinkedIn acknowledged that hackers stole 6.5 million passwords four years ago during a data breach.

It recently increased that number to 117 million. It also said the hackers have been selling the passwords on the black market.

LinkedIn said it has been directly contacting users, urging them to change their passwords. It addressed the thefts in its blog.

The BBB said hackers use stolen information to try and access victims' email, financial accounts and popular websites that rely on an email and password combination.

It recommended taking security a step beyond changing the password.

It urged people to enable a multi-step authentication process.

The process requires a login, password and security code sent to your phone through text messaging or by a smartphone/tablet application. This prevents anyone from logging into an account unless they have the victims' smartphone or tablet.

The BBB said many websites have adopted the technology; however, users must enable it manually.

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